About Us

Grain Store Gallery is located in Penobscot, Maine – a small, beautiful place at the northern tip of Bagaduce River, called Northern Bay. The building that houses our tiny gallery used to be (about a hundred years ago or so) a grain store supplying local farmers. At some point it has been closed, put out of business, then sold or maybe given away, moved to another location, turned into utility shed then perhaps animal barn, then storage, then workshop and eventually it looked so miserably it got scheduled for destruction. And then someone remembered the grain store story. I was sold. The building was repaired just enough to serve its current purpose: to exhibit digital, in house printed photographs of Maine. The emphasis is on clean, almost graphic shapes provided by nature and those are everywhere if we just take time to look. We also have few small vintage and antique items of mostly utilitarian background. Please come visit. We will be really happy to see you.
Our gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday. Or just call 646-515-7474 and we will open the door just for you. See you soon.

And we are not associated in any way with the Grain Store Gallery in New Zealand. Not at all. As it happened we picked the same name for similar kind of venue for the same reasons, most likely, but that’s that. We are as far apart as the geographical distance suggests (about 9631 miles).

About the owner and photographer.

My name is Joanna Rysnik and I moved to Maine in 2014, with my dust covered degree in photography from School of Visual Arts in NYC, my pets and a steely determination to make a dilapidated farm house a home. I came to love this place, three hundred sixty five days a year, give or take. I wish I could fully show its breathtaking beauty but that is not possible. In my photographs I can only offer snippets of places, spaces and colors. The scents, the sounds, the stillness, the sweeping expanse that seems so effortless here and is so rare everywhere else–that can only be fully experienced when you plant your feet on the ground here, in Maine. On the rocky beach facing gray ocean or on top of a mountain. It’s a beautiful place. I am very fortunate to be able to live here with my cat, a pit bull and a malamute.